Step Three: Deep-Dive Wellness Package

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What is the Deep-Dive Wellness Package?

It’s a three-month program builds for participants who completed the Wellness Jumpstart and want to take their customized wellness plan to the next level. During this intensive package, we dive deep beyond the surface to address underlying barriers and bring about even greater self-awareness and lasting change.

How it works: This program is for those who feel they want to spend more focused time and attention on selected areas of their life identified in the free Wellness Assessment. They can either be the priorities zeroed in on during the Wellness Jumpstart, or sometimes after completing the Jumpstart it is discovered that there are other core issues to be addressed in order for someone to achieve a greater feeling of balance and less stress. This program requires participants to be willing to look beyond the surface and honestly face themselves. Together, we meet for 50-minutes every other week, for 12 weeks. 

What the program includes: 

  • Two 50-minute individual sessions each month for three months, which includes individualized recommendations
  • Five 15-minute phone check-ins in-between sessions
  • A variety of handouts, recipes and other handouts applicable to your unique goals

Investment: €497

Payment options include a one time payment of €497 or two payments of €262