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What is a Wellness Assessment?

About Wellness: Wellness is about more than just your physical health, diet and exercise routine. It is on ongoing process that looks at the integration of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Wellness is dependent upon becoming more self-aware and then making choices that lead towards an increased in lifestyle balance. Wellness considers the whole person, meaning it factors in everything you do, think ,and feel as impacting your overall health. In other words, you can eat all the kale salads you want and attend every yoga class, but if you’re in an unhappy relationship or are miserable in your job, you won’t feel satisfied and content overall.

About the Assessment: During your free 45-minute session we will look at 12 different components encompassing holisitic health. Things like career, social life, home environment, physical activity level, plus many others.  Together, we will assess your personal satisfaction in each of the 12 areas. You will walk away from this free session with greater clarity, insight, and feeling less overwhelmed so you can begin working towards increased health and happiness.

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