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What is the Wellness Jumpstart Package?

It’s an individualized package program that kick starts taking charge of your own health and happiness. 

How it works: After completing the free Wellness Assessment it becomes clear what areas of your life are top priority and need attention in order for you to feel less stress and greater fulfillment. In this program we get very clear and focused on one of those priorities. With supportive guidance, you will take a closer look at ways you would like to improve this area of your life and how you will begin to specifically do that. Together, we create attainable action steps for you to follow each week that feel manageable and fit into your lifestyle. The result is I help you feel inspired and supported which builds the momentum for you to make the changes you seek.

Sessions are available either in person or over Skype. Together we decide if your four sessions will take place weekly, bi-weekly, or a combination of the two.

What the program includes: 

  • Four 50-minute session
  • Two optional 15-minute phone calls for times you feel stuck, need to be held accountable, or feel your momentum is drifting.
  • Email follow-up after each session re-stating your weekly goals and action steps in order to keep you focused and moving towards your desired outcome.

Investment:  €380 + 21% VAT 



Working with Hannah in the wellness program she has designed was a great experience for me, especially in the first days of my new life in Amsterdam. It is correct that people can get lost when they moved to a new city and a grounded guide is very helpful at that time. What I liked most in the wellness program was understanding “what is going on,” “how can I start to fix it” and “what is the right starting point for me” I could find answers to these questions with the great welcoming smile of Hannah. I could also express my true feelings as they are. She is a great listener, guide and motivator. I am very happy to have joined this program with Hannah.

H.A. (initials used to protect confidentiality), Amsterdam