Fees and Policies


Wellness Assessment: Absolutely Free of Charge

This is a one-time individualized 45- minute session taking place at a cafe in Amsterdam’s city center.

Wellness Jumpstart Program
Full Program: €380 + 21% VAT
  • Includes four 50-minute individual session
  • Two optional 15-minute phone calls for times you feel stuck, need to be held accountable, or feel your momentum is drifting.
  • Email follow-up after each session re-stating your weekly goals and action steps in order to keep you focused and moving towards your desired outcome.
Expat Counseling Session
Office Session for Child or Adult:  €100 + 21% VAT
  • 50 minutes session
  • available in-person or over video chat
In-home Session for Individual or Family:  €145 + 21% VAT *additional travel expenses may apply
  • 75 minutes session
Consultations with Other Professionals:  €25+ 21% VAT per 15-minutes increments
  • For example: school staff, doctors, other therapists, etc.

Insurance Coverage

I am not affiliated with any insurance companies or Dutch healthcare providers at this time.  A benefit of paying for sessions as an individual is that I am not required to assign you a mental health diagnosis, nor do I need to share personal information about your care with your provider.